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Hello Deviantart !

I'm trying to create a small Christmas compilation of exclusive captions.
I have found people willing to write short captions, and I'm now looking for people to illustrate them.
Of course since there is little time I'm not expecting much, a quick drawing (could just be a non-coloured scanned sketch) will do the work !

What will get from helping me out ?
I'm going to sell this Christmas special. Part of the profits will go to you :) I'm thinking of something like 40% writers, 40% drawers, and 20% for Open TG Captions (the idea of this project is also to fund OTGC a bit, without having to ask for donations).

And of course your name will be cited next to your drawing ;)

It's something I want to try, and if it works I'll try and plan something for future events and special occasions :)

Please contact me here for more info <3

Emily ~
Hey there!

I would like to thank all the people who participated. All your drawings were truly awesome and making a decision was really hard.
However, I have to prize to give, and I'm happy to say that it will go to Grumpy-TG ! :)

This contest was pretty much the first interaction Open TG Captions had with the DeviantArt community, and I hope that it will continue.
So even if you didn't win this contest, know that you are noticed and that when other projects come, you will be the first persons I will reach out to!

Thank you all again!

I hope to continue seeing your work here, and who knows, maybe partner up for some other project later? ;)


My name is Emily Thompson, I am the creator of Open TG Captions.
Other people knew me by the pseudonym MT before. But I would like to be more human now.
Of course, since I am not a real person, I do not have a face...

This is why I'm looking for people to draw me.
The drawing would just have to be a bust. You will get a description below.

We could see that as some sort of contest. If more than 5 persons participate, a winner would be selected to win $15.
Then, their drawing will be used on Open TG Captions for some time, to represent Emily, the owner of the website.

Of course, the winner of the contest could be called for later work ;)

Terms and conditions

  • The drawing has to be colored
  • The image size should be around 320px*320px
  • The format should be .png
  • Should be safe for work (no explicit nudity)
  • The character should be smirking/smiling/laughing (happy!)
  • You can submit your drawing at hello(at)
  • The title of the email should contain [DrawingContest]
  • Not mandatory, but it's a good idea to get inspired by the following images (see Inspiration)
  • You agree that your work might be used without your consent (if that happens, your name/pseudo will be quoted).
Deadline: 29th of February. It can be extended or shortened depending on the amount of participations.

Please share with your friends!


I'm in my early 20's, from northern Europe, not very tall, pale skin. I don't have any tattoos or piercings.
Most people say I'm a happy person :) Simple but attractive. Quite mysterious also...
Go to this link to see some images to inspire you :

>>> EDIT: This contest is now over, the winner will be announced on the 2nd of March <<<